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The Armageddon Machine 06 GMC Handicap/Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome

The Armageddon Machine
Built to Spend Months in the Wilderness
Custom 2006 GMC Deluxe 24' Class C Motorhome

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This is a Pro Conversion priced at $29,500
on Our Web Site


It's Stunning, Gorgeous, Beautiful, Functional and Now it can be Yours...

The Armageddon Machine, designed to camp for months in the wilderness without needing hook ups. None of the appliances requires 12 volts. With 480 watts of solar power and the Onan 4kw generator, you'll never be without batteries. Watch TV, listen to music, monitor the news or work on your lap top and never worry about dead batteries. This is a MULTI purpose RV. It's an Armageddon Machine. It's wheelchair / handicap accessible. It's a toy hauler. It's work and Play. Carry your cargo during the week and go camping on the weekends.

It's Good Looking and Rugged.
Not your 'run of the mill' motorhome.
Better clearance than a factory RV.

Roll up door and ramp.
Maneuvers like a nice truck.

16' box by Continental
This will never leak... Solid as a Rock

Real Birch Interior. No cheap wall paper here.

You can't buy a new one like this but you can buy this hand crafted like new one.

From bed looking forward.
It's open and spacious.
8k BTU A/C keeps it cool even in 110 degree Vegas heat. Insulated with fiberglass insulation on the walls and 1.5'' of styrofoam on the ceiling.

Highly functional kitchen.
No batteries required

Gas Lantern provides light for the whole cabin and won't run your batteries down. You won't find one of these in a factory rig. No batteries required

This rig is so much more comfortable than factory rigs

Aluminum shower walls
with no seams and fiberglass pan.

Foot Flush Thetford toilet .

Made up full size bed
Folds against wall to access storage
or to load cargo.
Sleeps 2

Propane Fridge.
No batteries required

With bed up you have about 10' x 6'
for cargo, atv's, toys, motorcycles, tools...
The loading ramp will accomodate a 27' wide load.

Fabric headliner. Looks nice and makes for a quiet ride.
Sky lights provide natural lighting.
There are NO roof vents or any holes in the roof.
This rig will never leak.

19' Flat Panel TV and DVD Player
Sony AM/FM Stereo Cassette and CD
750 watt inverter allows outlets to
run off batteries, 110 shore power or generator

4000 Kw Micro Lite Onan generator

Outside grill. Keeps the mess outside,
slides in and out with ease.
No batteries required

2 new 6 volt Interstate batteries.
Large fire extinguisher.

Large trunk for your tools and hoses

Heat Stream Radiant Furnace.
This will keep you warm in sub zero temperatures.
No batteries required

Leather dinette chairs.

2006 GMC Custom Deluxe :
Rig is in Show Room Condition.

6.0 v8 15 mpg highway
Auto tranny
Stereo, A/C, etc
The truck itself is very tight

Our work philosophy is...
'If it's not quite right... IT'S WRONG'. We've built many custom conversions to date. There is an element of perfection that only comes with experience.

435 Watts of Solar Panels

Everything pictured is included.
Not shown:
40 gallon fresh
40 gallon black/gray
21 gallon propane tank
750 watt inverter
Shur-Flo water pump
6 Gallon Atwood electronic ignition water heater
(flip a switch and you have hot water)

I'll deliver this anywhere in the 48 states for FREE with full price purchase.
Contact U-Ship for a shipping quote. allows drivers to bid on your delivery.
It's ALL Pro

My name is Todd Anderson. I own The Velcro Strip where we have performed rv repairs, customizations, sales, rentals and vintage trailer restorations for nearly 30 years.
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Please call me with your questions/offers
or email me at [email protected]

Please see terms below.

I would rate this coach a 10

It's the Only One in the World!

21 gallon propane tank

27' deck width on ramp. Holds
even the heaviest loads.

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It's Wheelchair / Handicap Accessible. It's a zombie apocalypse vehicle. It's a Minnie Winnie, Chinook, Itasca, Tioga Toy Hauler Class C Motorhome in one unit. If you believe in disaster preparedness, end of the world plannig, SHTF, preppers delight, fall out shelter on wheels, illuminati, new world order, one world government, 2nd ammendment, open carry, The world wide financial crisis and the end of the world as we know it. You'll love this one.
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